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possibly related posts isn't working

  1. adamjohnson182

    I can't get the "related posts" feature to work on my blog. I went to Extras, and made sure the box was unchecked, and still nothing. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm thinking, although I don't know this to be a fact, that it may take time for the sphere content to appear after activating the "possibly related posts".

  3. adamjohnson182

    No, because it was never checked to begin with. I even tried checking the box, saving the changes, refreshing, and then unchecking and saving the changes again, and still nothing. I know my theme supports this feature, just seems odd that it wouldn't have shown up by now.

  4. Now that you have described the problem it does seem odd. Which browser and version of it are you using? Have you tried these troubleshooting techniques?

  5. adamjohnson182

    Yeah, i've tried all that, and it doesn't seem to matter what browser I use, IE, FF, Chrome or Opera

  6. Volunteers don't have backend access to blogs and cannot apply any technical "fixes" - only staff can do that.

  7. I've contacted them. Thank you for trying, much appreciated!

  8. You're welcome. I'm sorry I couldn't solve your problem.

  9. Guess we have to wait for support staff to come back from holidays because I am having the same problem.

  10. For the record, I'm also having an issue with it. If you go to one of my posts, say this one: and look at the possibly related articles section, you will that their is just three bullet points, and no articles. I think the service is broken at the moment.

  11. I'm having the same problem. Just four blank bullet points. Depressing.

    I've written something so esoteric, it's related to absolutely nothing!

    • Aside: This is an off-topic comment. I'm surprised that you bloggers consider these "possibly related posts" which I find are not always related to my posts, are not always high quality in content even when they are related, and do not send me much traffic at all to be so important. Your experience must be vastly different from mine.
  12. Na, I was just too lazy to turn them off. I've never gotten any traffic from them, ever.

  13. I don't get a ton of traffic from them (maybe 100 hits over the last year), but frequently the related links to other posts on my own blog are relevant, and I'm glad to see them there. Plus, empty bullet points is pretty depressing.

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