“possibly related posts” repeat a link in my post

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    I have a link in my post to an article. WP also mentions this in the “possibily related posts” at the end. Can you check for this, so as not to duplicate references?



    What is the post and what is the specific issue? Have you seen the other thread on Related Posts?


    May have just been a coincidence, or start-up troubles. I have seen this only once.



    I think it’s just a coincidence, actually. I suppose they should detect links and exclude those from Related Posts, but they don’t as far as I know. Shouldn’t be that hard to impliment, actually.

    I have seen two links to exactly the same article in my Related Posts list on one post. Different URLs, but the same article. Obviously this thing is going to take some tweaking.


    Example of this, an automatic “related post” to something that was included in my post.

    When will global oil production peak? Ask the CIA!

    I have looked thru the other threads and see no mention of this.

    Not a big deal. On the other hand, it is easy to prevent.


    It’s happened to me also. I have a couple recurring themes. One about birthday gifts and another about strange habits of mine. Whenever I write a new posting under these themes, I often tag something like “Read Previous Fact About Steve” linking to last story. Most times, this linked tag, I create, ends up as one of the things which WordPress puts under possibly related. I haven’t sent anything to support cuz I’d imagine they’re being bombarded. Plus, I have already noticed that the feature is now starting to pull more relevant links, in general. And I’ve also have seen 2 different links for the same article for stories I’ve posted. Because I changed the title of the blog entry, and it pulls both titles.


    The problem is getting worse. Now most of the “related posts” point to my own blog.

    Example, where all of the “related posts” on are my own blog:



    Many of my “related posts” point to my own blog too.



    I have that too.. and it’s doesn’t look right on my blog, since it’s suppose to be a story. Is this a new feature.. if it is… I wish there would be an option to turn this option off.


    It looked like I’ve pasted random links onto my story.



    Protogirl, you can turn it off on your dashboard under ‘Design – Extras’. Check the box to ‘Hide related links…’



    Thank you, rosclarke! I turn it off now. Thoses “related posts” are really annoying.

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