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    On quite a few of my posts the “Possibly Related Posts” section is pointing back to the post that it comes from – for example see this one on the US money supply, where the first prp link points back to the post, just with an additional “www” in front of the URL.
    Surely this is not by design. Is there any way to correct this?


    This could be a fluke in the system for this particular post / criteria. I’ve made a developer aware of it and we’ll try to get a fix as soon as possible. :) So you know in case you run into something similar in the future, you’re probably better off sending an email to support so we can have a “paper trail” per say in our ticket system.

    Thanks for letting us know!



    Thanks – I normally prefer to check whether it is a problem before I bother support with it. It has happened with several of my posts, that was just the most recent.

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