“Possibly Related Posts” Suddenly Showing up for One Post Only w/NSFW Content

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    I’ve had a blog up and running since February with no problems. All of a sudden, on one post, I have this “possibly related posts” list of links at the bottom. The blog is very specialized and no, the links are NOT in any way shape or form related (and one of the links contains inappropriate content).

    I have read the FAQs and the Forum Topics, all of which are now closed. Apparently this was enabled in August, but this is the first time it has cropped up on my blog, and I have tried everything to get rid of these links (I changed the category on my blog, I added a new category, I added a unique tag to the post, I looked in every setting I could possibly change, I changed the status of the post from unpublished to published to pending review and back again, all to no avail. I have tried everything short of deleting the post and republishing it, which I don’t want to do because it has a comments thread attached to it.

    The links are really extremely inappropriate, and I would like to get rid of them ASAP. Can anyone help?

    Many thanks!



    dashboard -> design -> extras



    This is related to the new content put up on wordpress.com. Go to your dashboard, then Design. Now click extras. Check hide related links. Then click Update.

    My question is why don’t any of my posts apparently have this option?


    And now that I have done a browser refresh I have “possibly related posts” that are NOT on ALL of my posts. Aaaaaggghhh! Make it STOP!


    weinlandwatch 2 bloggers have already told you how to ‘make it stop’. you can keep it on or turn it off.


    That didn’t work the first three times I did it. Yeeugh. Looks like it fixed it for one post. Thanks.


    clear your cookies and cache, then it should be gone if you’ve got it turned off.


    Yup. Clearing the cache did it. Eeeyikes I thought mature blogs were flagged as such…….No?


    I’m not seeing any on the front page of your blog; which post is it?


    Many thanks!


    It’s fixed now thanks.


    they are if wordpress knows about them, or if they’re stand up folks themselves and properly mark themselves as mature.


    that is going to be a problem. i’ve seen mature blogs use the kids tag.

    wordpress needs to re-consider this before placing this live. crap. I hope they read this thread.


    I’ve left a comment for Matt @ on another thread sending him here.



    I’ve turned this feature off. If it was local, then I’d bite.

    The one post that was showing related posts didn’t point to any on my own blog, even though I’ve had tons of posts about the same subject. The posts it did link to were entries on the website for The Wall Street Journal and were at least a month old. No, thanks.



    Can I get an “I told you so?” Thank you.

    This is exactly the same problem that YouTube introduced with its Related Videos feature. Which WP.com almost immediately disabled here precisely because of all the un-reported NSFW stuff.


    I would love this feature, so far I’m keeping it on; but the opportunity for mature blogs to show up is highly likely and I’m not keen on that at all. Too many jerks are using inappropriate tags that are indeed mature. Blogging is all about sharing and community so the idea is great, but we need to rethink a bit just due to the nature of how things work around here. That mature blog showing up on weinland so quickly is a perfect example. Folks use the sex tag and there is no sex on their blog; though it’s an appropriate tag for the subject – I could see a mature, NSFW link ending up on their blog. Not cool.



    Rather than turning the feature off, report the blogs. They’ll be marked usually within minutes. Send us the examples and we can fix it, it’s just code. It’s not “highly likely” to see mature blogs – I can only remember it happening once in our months of testing. Again, it has nothing to do with tags.


    Well, the title isPossibly An Announcement”

    hez jes kiddin’ ?


    weinlandwatch – do you remember the site that ended up on your blog?



    FYI: it seems to be related to the words in the post, through Search WP.com, rather than to tags or categories.

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