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"Possibly Related Posts" Suddenly Showing up for One Post Only w/NSFW Content

  1. lettershometoyou

    I really would like to see it in action, but it's not working for me. Is it because it's only for new posts, ie from April 25th onward?

  2. Currently, this afternoon's post is the only one showing links but a few hours earlier some of my other posts were showing links. Anyone know why?

  3. lettershometoyou

    Went back in and changed a word or two in my most recent post. Let's see if that helps at all.

  4. dissfunktional

    We're getting a new theme early next week.
    It's this one:

  5. Letters, this is on your most recent post:
    Possibly related posts:

    * going under ground
    * Utterly exhasted
    * Why Am I Still Doing Shift Work?

  6. kymk, here is what I see on yours:
    Possibly related posts:

    * Flubbergasted
    * Sex and Sunsets
    * I have had it…

  7. Diss: oooh, that looks niiiiiiiice. The colour-customizing is a really good feature.

  8. dissfunktional

  9. dissfunktional

    wow - look at it's archive page!

  10. Edited my latest post and still no links.

  11. Diss: wow is RIGHT!

  12. lettershometoyou

    Hi Rain, thanks for letting me know. Interesting that I can't see it myself...

    I'll head over to yours and see if I can see anything - meanwhile, can you check my next-to-last post or a bit further back to see if there's anything? Cheers.

  13. lettershometoyou

    OK, I see what might be going:

    If you just click on the blog name and have the usual string of 10 posts or whatever show up, then there is nothing there.

    But click on the individual post and you can see them... but so far, only on that one post that I've modified.

    Am going to make a small edit in another earlier post and see what happens.

  14. Yes, sorry I wasn't clear. You have to click on the individual post to see them. THey're like comments, they don't just appear on the front page.

  15. dissfunktional

    Rain, on your John Lennon post:

    The “Mate” Syndrome…
    All about “S”(49) and its mates…
    Two eyes

    Daniel's willy protection program post:

    Daniel Radcliffe’s Equus pictures
    Broadway, be kind to Daniel Radcliffe
    Daniel Radcliffe To Make Nude Broadway Debut

    On the Mass... post:

    blog o’ the day: … (your own link)
    Mentos & Diet Coke Rockets The Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment

  16. dissfunktional

    they look nice they way they're laid out on your blog rain, not intrusive or ugly.

  17. Thanks. I didn't think to look back at the old ones. I wonder why they're not on the latest, though? The only thing unusual about it is it's got a YouTube.

    Hey, I linked to myself! How startlingly unusual, eh?

  18. Pity I'm not seeing any payoff. The only link today from a blog is a regular link that's more than a year old.

  19. dissfunktional

    I'm glad it's only 3 at a time, it looks much nicer than 5 or 6. It looks nice. I like it.
    No fail :)

  20. dissfunktional

    rain. it's only been a few hours. for the love of God.

  21. Yes, but I'm looking at the Whosamongus widget and seeing 2. or 3. That's like 20% of what it usually would read.

  22. dissfunktional, thank you for the heads up
    on the new theme my sister started a
    photo blog here on
    She'll really like that theme for her
    photo blog... Just like many others will :)


  23. dissfunktional

    what, so the new bling is reducing your readers now.

  24. dissfunktional

    you're welcome teck; I'm going to tell a few others I know will love it too, they have photo blogs and that will fit them perfectly.

  25. Merlot would be nice. But what I prefer is a feedback loop: I just whined in the forum and poof, now the widget reads 15! Every time I publicly whine I am rewarded. Is it any wonder I'm such a princess?

    I've noticed that although VIP blogs do benefit from these links, they never display these links that I can see.

  26. dissfunktional

    I just saw a blog with SEVEN of these links on one little photo post. That's too much; it's gawdy. Three is very nice, it looks nice, classy. Seven looks like an advertisement, it cheapens the blog. I found it to be very unattractive. I'll turn it off I hear of seven at my blog. That's too much. It looks bad.

  27. dissfunktional

    I'll ship you a bottle of Merlot. What's your address.

  28. Don't laugh. Last week delta bought me a beer via paypal!

    I wonder what the algorithm is that decides how many links. Can't be how many words or how big a post, I guess.

  29. so is it tags, titles,the entire post or everything combines that gets scanned?

    anyway regarding accuracy in relations, Matt mentioned that it is appreciated to hop topics and end up with subjects you've never heard of before or didn't think you might be interested in.

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