“Possibly Related Posts” Suddenly Showing up for One Post Only w/NSFW Content

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    Yeah you would assume if you link to them they would link to you ey? Since the posts are both meant to be potentially related?

    Maybe your post is related to them but their post is not related to you? Wait how does that work….is there some algorithm I missed here?

    Rain said: “‘So, right now your posts link out primarily or exclusively to posts that do not, and will never, link back to you. ‘”

    But if you think of it another way, there might be many blogs out there that link to you but you don’t link to them anywhere in your blog..



    Not necessarily. Here’s the scoop: one blog hasn’t been updated since the 5th. That would indicate to me that those Related Posts can potentially link to every post ever made on WP.com. A LOT of those are on abandoned blogs. Like, a scary number. And only posts made from today onward will ever link to us who blog now. But every post made from here onward can link to any WP.com post ever made, right? So that means that DEAD PEOPLE OUTNUMBER US.

    I know it’s crazy wording, but do you see what I mean? The pool of blogs you link to is always going to be larger than the pool of blogs who will link to you until WP.com grows so much that blog posts made today or later outnumber total blog posts made before today.



    Aaah I get it. What is the solution to this though? Mass extermination of blogs that havent been updated for at least 1 year and that have less than 500/1000 hits? This would be problematic to blog links that are outside of wordpress..

    Or maybe allow linking in that manner of blogs that have been active for at least the past few months (while the post that is being linked does not necessairly have to be new)?



    I think they could make it link to only posts made from today onward. That would be fair.

    Matt said they were still tweaking things, so we might as well turn this into a suggestions thread.



    I still don’t see this feature on my blog I don’t doubt
    that could be there I just don’t see it yet I cleared my
    cache and cookies reloaded my browser searched
    my site through google while I was signed out
    of my acct: And have found nothing of the sort




    Have you posted since the change was made? The links do not show up on posts made before then, although links on NEW posts may go to older posts.

    I just posted again, and there are no links on this new post.


    I just posted on my .com blog, and there are no related posts on it either.



    That newest post of mine had only the default category. I just edited it to add more and it still has no links; thought it might have been only a subset of “posts in the same category” or something, but it’s not category-related at all that I can see.

    Maybe WP.com turned it off while they’re tinkering.


    I received a referral from a post off of a blog that hasn’t been updated since March ’08. The referral blog post link was from April 07. I don’t see my blog anywhere on the blog, blog roll, etc. Maybe these links are on historical entries on blogs no longer updated?



    Can you show us what the link looked like on your Stats page?


    it was a normal link; to a blog post but an old one. nothing odd about it.
    I didn’t see any links on the referral blog that ‘might be related’ or whatever, might or anyone elses. guessing they come and go?


    Late to the fray as usual: how long has this feature been available? I ask because I don’t have the box checked and none of my posts in the last while have been displaying related posts.


    http :// wordpress dot com blog/2007/04/20/ title name of post


    it just started letters, here is a link:



    So, just a bog-standard referral link from a WP.com post? Interesting. And that link isn’t in the post, nor displayed? I wonder how someone clicked on it, then.

    Maybe it was there, and WP.com took the feature down to tinker, so when you went to look it was gone.

    I think I’m turning in. What am I saying? I’m going to fart around with my DVD player for hours until I get it to work and can watch Harry Fucking Potter: anybody know a forum like this for RF Modulators? I think that’s what Marvin the Martian used…how fitting.



    letters, so you’re saying the default is now “Unchecked”? Innneresting.



    Yep, those links are gone. Now going to re-enable it if I can and see what happens.


    Just linked to Ny Times related stories. Great. So far, so good.



    Update: I go to the Extras page and “Hide Links” is not ticked, so they should be showing. I go to the Stats page and click on the link to my John Lennon post and I do not, repeat, NOT see any links on it. I go to Dashboard, I click on it under Comments, and now I see the links.




    Congrats, kanadian!

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