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Possibly related posts URLs issues (www, old domain)

  1. Hi,

    I noticed that some "Possibly related posts" on my blog link back to my own blog (which is fine), but add "www" in front of the URL ( instead of I know the URL is without the www (even if both work), and my main blog in my profile is without the www.

    Also, the old URL still appears (back when I was testing to see if I'd move my existing website there). So some "Possibly related posts" still show up as

    Go to the bottom of this post to see examples of both issues:

    Are both of these known issues? Will it cause me any problems?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. All URLs with ot without the 'www" will redirect correctly. The URLs in the possibly related posts are drawn from the shphere widgets and they are cached. It takes time for them to change. All of the URLs are redirecting correctly as of now so this really isn't an issue, is it?

  3. @timethief: What are the sphere widgets? And no it's not an issue, but I keep hearing that by adding the "www" in front of your URL at, you lose 30% of your viewers.

  4. Please report you issue to Staff using this link

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