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    I have a question. Does this only affect the posts written as of the date of the announcement – Friday, April 25th, or all posts?

    I have concerns, as the possibly related links were not related to my post. I have disabled this function for now. It needs some major tweaking. In theory, I like the idea. We need an — enable this feature — so that we can decide for ourselves when, of if, we would like to use it. I think it’s important that readers understand that WordPress is suggesting these possibly related posts and not the author of the post.

    Thank you for asking for feedback.



    Interesting idea — my question is will this improve Technorati rankings since technically, everyone’s blog will be “linking” to each other now?


    I actually would like to have the feature, just to see what comes up. But unfortunately, even though the box remains unchecked, only a couple of posts of my nearly 150 have any links on them.

    My latest one has none either – and it’s not as if I haven’t put relevant tags and categories in.



    If I upgrade can I get rid of “Possibly related posts”? I’d be happy to pay to get rid of it.

    At least put it after the comments.


    Dashboard: Design > Extras

    Check the box and you’re done



    I keep checking and I haven’t ever received any “possibly related posts” at the bottom of any of my posts since the 25th. After reading through this, I think I’m happy about that. (And yes, I have checked Dashboard:design>extras and I have never disabled that box.) Interesting…



    I noticed that sometimes they showed up at the bottom, but sometimes I had to click the post title several times for them to show up.

    I liked the feature well enough until I saw the first pornographic post “related” to mine.

    Very uncool.




    The ridiculous new feature has gone over like a fart in church. Received almost as negatively as the new Dashboard that nobody wanted, few people like or can navigate.

    Here’s what you do to shut off the “Related Links”:

    Go to: Dashboard
    Click tab labeled: Design
    Click on tab labeled: Extras
    Click “Hide Related Links”
    Save changes.

    This should rid your blog of the feature. Although a few people say they’re still having problems with it.

    Let’s hope WordPress announces a One Year Moratorium on changes or add-ons that nobody wants and nobody needs.



    Actually, I think it’s worse than the new dashboard.

    One year moartorium? What an absurd idea. A little announcement a few days BEFORE a new “feature” is announced would be nice though. And to make them opt IN rather than opt OUT.



    “A little announcement a few days BEFORE a new “feature” is announced would be nice though.”

    When pigs fly.






    You are right. But nobody seems to be concerned or hearing! :-(



    Thanks, Left. I did that already. (Right after the juicy porn came up in the links)

    Oh well. WordPress is free, so I shouldn’t complain. Though I sure wanted to when the dashboard went south.


    Ditto ditto ditto. An announcement might be nice. It’s true this is a free service, but WordPress, has self-interested reasons for announding it – they don’t get deluged with emails for technical support because not everyone reads these forums.

    I actually like the idea of this extra, but it needs two things: 1) you need to be able to individually select posts that you want or don’t want on your blog. 2) it needs to be designed in way such that it doesn’t look like the author wrote it and stuck it into the post. I think readers of my blog might find it useful (heck I might) but I want people to know what it is and not something I stuck in there and I don’t want it going to spam or commercial sites – not unless I’m getting add dollars for it!



    beulahland, trollfighter, please contact support with links to the posts that brought up the inappropriate results. Without that, there’s no way to improve it. We’ve only had a handful of reports of what you describe, and each time it’s been a fairly easy fix.



    Umm..I would, but the only way to find them again is to re-enable the feature, and I’m not about to do that, (except maybe at 3:00 AM)

    I suppose a negative keyword feature might be nice, but how many negative keywords are there? (Aside from Geroge Carlin’s bad words, which don’t even seem so bad anymore)



    We don’t need you to re-enable the feature, just send in links to the posts.



    Nope. Not a good idea, ESPECIALLY without a clear ‘on’/’off’ feature that WE decide to use.
    The autogenerated links to my posts are often irrelevant, and/or so ‘off topic’ to be laughable. They completely disrupt the ‘flow’ of my blogging ‘sphere’. It does ‘feel’ like an ‘invasion’. I am now going to try to get those things OFF. Cheers, c



    It would be a good idea if wordpress did some user survey before launching new features. We all love wordpress… but features like ‘related posts’ are quite annoying, simply because the blogger has no control on what kind of posts are listed and where is one’s own post getting listed.

    I turned it off day before. But would it work both ways ? or is it only one way ? Would my posts still show up on other blogs ?



    <i>I turned it off day before. But would it work both ways ? or is it only one way ? Would my posts still show up on other blogs ?</i>

    You disabling the feature certainly won’t remove any links to your posts on already-published posts on other blogs. They’re there for good, or at least until that blogger decides to either edit the posts or disable PRP.

    It’s meant to stop your posts showing up on any subsequent posts on other blogs. Don’t know if that coding actually works as advertised.

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