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    I’m a tutor with elementary school kids and use my wordpress website as my website. Parents visit it daily to get tips for working with kids and prospective clients visit it to check out my blog, resume, etc.. What does wordpress think a parent would think about a “related link” entitled “working with little shits.” What the &%^$ was wordpress thinking?? I’m so disappointed. I have had such a good experience with wordpress up until now. I’m pist off.



    In theory, it’s a good idea… but in practice, it’s rather annoying!
    I have a book review blog, and have recently reviewed a non-fiction book entitled ‘Welcome To Your Brain’ – http://bcfreviews.wordpress.com/2008/04/27/welcome-to-your-brain-by-sandra-aamodt-sam-wang/
    My ‘related links’ include a political post – http://intheinterestofsensibility.wordpress.com/2008/04/12/china%e2%80%99s-investment-in-us-infrastructure-makes-financial-sense/, and most annoying, a blog about a podcast, which includes links to their amazon store, and a large advert. I would love to have a little more advertising on my site, mainly using my amazon afiliate link, but I respect the rules here. However, one of my posts is directing people to a blog that doesn’t.. and probably makes money from it!



    Then just report them as spam. You’d be surprised at how quickly they get nuked. Reporting is on your blue Admin bar at the top of the page, under Blog Info: you can Report as Spam or Report as Mature. Or, if they’re a good blog, you can blogroll them automatically.



    Thanks for that – I’ve been asking how to contact support.. I didn’t realise that that was up there. :)

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