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    I just published and then added the titles to my site map. After adding the titles to my site map and looking at the post I noticed at the bottom of my post this list of possibly related posts. I am not terribly thrilled about this list being included on my web site being that I have not added those websites to my blogroll. I am very selective of who I endorse and include on my web site.

    I have 2 questions.Why are these “possibly related post” being included on web site, especially with out my consent?

    How do I go about removing that feature from my web site?

    I do not want my readers to think that I am steering them to other web sites, which I know nothing about. Let me pick and choose who I want to include a possible posts for my readerst to visit and read.


    there are numerous threads in the forum on this topic.

    you can also read this:


    Thank you for the head’s up. I read the post and am still concerned. I appreciate the availability of the feature, however I am not too keen on having my readers believing that I am pointing them to these other web sites – related posts – that I know nothing about their “related information” , nor do I endorse. For all I know the related post could point people to nefarious sites that have similar wording or phrases.

    I would like the option of having or not having the feature on my web log.



    I too have just encountered this feature for the first time intruding on one of my posts — and I don’t want it either. Thanks, interesting idea, but no thanks, guys!

    Have it like a widget by all means, an optional extra for those who want it, but please don’t automate it.


    I left this comment for Matt at the thread you gave me dis

    Hi Matt,
    I appreciate the hard work that you all do at Word Press and the services / options through widgets that you provide. I really like the option of using or not using a widget per my preferences. I like have the option of whether to include or not include people / web sites in my blogroll or otherwise. With this being said, I appreciate the availability of the feature — Possibly Related Post — however I am not too keen on having my readers believing that I am pointing them to these “possibly related posts”. I do not want my readers to be directed to some crude or vulgar web site, while thinking I am endorsing their material.

    In my thinking that by the “possibly related post list” being presented at the bottom of my post, WordPress.com is communicating to my readers — and I am not — that I am somehow endorsing or pointing my readers to those web sites. I do not want to point my readers to web sites, or their post (s) especially when I do not know anything about those web sites. For all I know the related post could point people to nefarious sites because those web site use similar wording or phrases.

    Please provide the option to include this feature “possibly related posts” as a widget and let me decide if I want to have the option — like other widgets — of placing that widget on my web site.

    Thank you Matt.




    You can turn it off under Design>Extras


    Hi Vivian,
    You rock. I went to Design>Extras and updated my Extras and whalla. Thank you for providing a solution. Have a simply amazing rest of your weekend my friend and God bless you.



    that solution was in the post you read.


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    Apparently emotions are running high on the issue of “possibly related” and the announcement was quite sudden and very casual. I think a lot of people don’t read the whole story. It is not really clear that people can opt out of it easily.

    For myself, I would like to delete blogs from the list that are irrelevant, but essentially the idea is interesting. So far, it only applies to new posts, so I’m lucky that the ones on my blog are sort of applicable, but it would be better for me to get rid of the ones that I don’t approve. This is not the same issue as the “mature” content discussed in another thread.



    1tess – not sure where you’re getting the idea it only applies to new posts. It’s showing up on old posts on my blog and others.


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    Oh. So far I’ve only seen it on the post I did today! I even edited some older posts and there was no sign of “possibly related posts” on the older ones. hmmm…. I guess I should go look at my blog again?


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    And now there is nothing on my latest post! It was there all day—3 links, 2 sensible, 1 irrelevant— but now I checked in firefox and safari: nothing!!!????



    I really, really wish they’d make a sticky post and NOT close it for topics like this. Everyone is asking, and we’ve got a completely unweildy number of threads.

    1tess, it depends on how you get to the post in question. I see nothing when I go from the Stats page, but I can see them on my blog if i”m scrolling down the front page and click the title of a post. But not on all of them.,


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    A few minutes ago, I opened a new tab in Safari and nothing. I opened Firefox new. Clicked on the title of the most recent post in each browser. Nothing. But now I refreshed the pages and can see the possible related posts again. But they are only on the post I did today. I was doing some editing earlier, and not any of my older posts had the “new feature.” So do you see it in older posts?



    I’ve looked through your archives for December and don’t see it on a single post.

    Also: that Mr Sweet Potato thing is hysterical! I have to steal that!


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    Oh, you and Mr. Tess are the only ones who have commented on that sweet potato with personality. Maybe the humor is too subtle. not many people look at my blog so steal away.

    But I meant do you find the “possibly related posts” on YOUR older posts?



    Yes, but I haven’t disabled it. Matt’s threat to drop people from other blogs if they dropped other blogs from theirs was enough to get me to leave it on. But I love Vivian’s workaround for people with the CSS upgrade. It just gives a heads-up that the links were selected by WP, not by the individual blogger.


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    over my head



    I’m hoping that WP.com will impliment that for everyone, though. I’m going to try to remember to send it in as a suggestion on Monday.

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