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    The Possibly related feature could be useful, but right now it seems to be picking other posts with too broad a brush. It would be really nice if we could train it, the way you can train Akismet. Can we get something like a button to mark Related/Not Related?



    Totally, it’s going to happen.



    A very good suggestion!

    That’s such a relief to hear! Hope it happens soon! :-)



    That’s a good idea!



    Thank god. Let us know when that happens, because a lot of us have turned it off in the meantime.



    Giving some control to the blogger is very cool…


    Great news. My blog is still so young that the related post feature is enough to keep me in the nonzero hit territory, so I hate to see the baby thrown out with the bathwater. But it definitely needs work. Near as I can tell, the referrals coming in and going out are at best loosely related through stray keywords. Thanks.



    Good suggestion writingeveryday!!

    I will be very happy when this function of the Possibly related feature comes up!



    Yeah… here’s the thing. Some random dude just wrote a post about gardening, I know this because a link from one of my posts ended up on his site… two days after I opted out of the random thing. Not only that but the random generator decided this random dudes gardening post was somehow connected to a post I wrote about my brother surviving 9/11.

    Somehow I don’t see a connection between their post: “Cute, funny and somehow irreverent at the same time. Right outside the Blundstone Boot Shop in Kitsilano.”

    And mine: “When the third plane hit the Pentagon my mother was standing up, screaming at the television, screaming for my little brother to get the fuck out of there.”

    I opted out, I chose to “Hide related links on this blog” and now the story of my little brother surviving 9/11 is spam on someone else’s fcuking travel blog.

    If you want to see the screenshot it’ll be on the post I put up tomorrow.



    Looking forward to it. I was outside that boot store two hours ago, no word of a lie. What a strange, small world. And I disabled this, too. Matt has strange powers.



    But if it learns as well as Akismet, I don’t think we’ll notice any difference. The best and only solution is to let Wp select what it thinks, but to be able to uncheck the links we don’t want or are not relevant. Blog owners doing it is the most efficient way to get maximum relevance. no algorithm will get close



    Blog owners reporting spam are what teaches Akismet, too. It’s an interlinked thing.

    I’d rather choose the types of sites it is allowed to link to:

    1) only internal links
    2) internal and external WP.com blogs
    3) I don’t want this one here at all but I’m being really nice and including it for Matt, since he apparently wants it on his blog: internal links, external WP.com blogs, and mainstream media websites.



    Oh, and
    4) internal and external WP.com blog posts and all blogs using the Sphere widget.



    Akismet just doesn’t learn very well as far as I can see. Marking the same username ip and email as not spam many many times only to find it still marked as spam shows a lack of learning. But anyway there are many external links I’d be happy to be linked to, and i couldn’t expect it to ever get good enough. Unchecking the unwanted would be easy.
    An internal only would be very good too yes.



    You don’t understand. That’s not how it works:

    The mainstream media sites don’t ever link back. They don’t have these links at all. Nobody blogging on WP.com will ever get anything whatsoever out of it. The person who wrote the article will never even know that you gave them the hit.

    I’m totally cool with opening it up to any blog using the Sphere widget (which is what this is) but NOT cool with “you must display links or we won’t include you on other people’s links” going for us but not for the mainstream media. That is simply not fair. Why should we accept rules here on our blogs that discriminate against ourselves in favour of multibillion-dollar corporations?

    Again: they will never link back. The writers will never even know you linked to them. If you link in a POST, they might notice.



    Sorry, ignore me. I’ve stayed awake too long and totally lost the thread.

    Unfortunately, I still have an hour’s work to do. Ugh.



    You’ve got work and are still always helping us devils? That could be a sickness. I wasn’t meaning particularly traffic, but there are some links that might actually further the content of a post. But it doesn’t sound from what you say that there is any other benefit to the blog owner, so it might as well stay off.

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