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    I want a separate forms page that allows me to upload PDFs which others can download. anyone know how I can achieve this? Thank you



    Hi. Here’s how to upload a PDF document to your blog and how to insert it into a post:


    Thank you for the instructions. I created a PDF on my Mac. I first created the document in Word for Mac and then saved it as a PDF. The encoding software is “Mac OS X 10.6.7 Quartz PDFContext”.

    There is no problem opening the document on my computer. However, when I tried to upload it to a test post, the process ran for a while and then I got the message “Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.” I got this message using the Browser uploader. The Flash uploader will not let me click on the PDF file.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks much in advance.

    John Zimmer



    Accepted file types > Currently, you are permitted to upload the following file types to your blog (no upgrade required): >


    In fact, I think I solved the problem. When I saved the document, I did not add the “.pdf” to the file name. Although the file opened fine on my computer, I could not upload it. I saw, however, that other PDF files could be uploaded via Flash. So I just added .pdf to the file name and was able to upload it.



    Thanks, Timethief. I had seen that page before and know about the upgrade / non-ugrade files. Like I said above (written while you sent your message) the key was adding the “.pdf” extension to the file name.

    But thanks for the usual friendly help. Hope all is well in beautiful BC. I’ll assume you were not among the rioters in Vancouver when the Canucks lost. ;-)




    Hi John,
    Yay! You got this figured out. No I was definitely not among those punks who rioted on the mainland. ;)

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