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Post a Photo in Your Sidebar

  1. We all know using Bookmarks for this isn't really flexible, so I posted a photo url into a text widget. Look at my blog for the example: I posted my photo in the sidebar using a text widget. Here's how:

    1. Create a new post and upload a photo (see FAQs about uploading photos into your posts). Click on the "html" button on your post editing tool bar. Highlight the html between <img src="......"... /> and copy it. Save that post as a draft. Do not publish it.

    2. Go to the "Presentation" tab and select "Sidebar Widgets." Move a "Text" widget over to the right hand column and open it. Paste the url that you just copied from the "Write Post" section. Write some text too, if you want. Then save it and view your site. Wallah!

  2. Actually we've covered this a number of times already. You also don't have to save the post, even as a draft. You can even delete it.

    Thanks though,

  3. I'd actually never thought of it this way, so it was a good reminder. Pictures in posts, sure, but blogheaders or sidebars... I hadn't been able to find that in the FAQ, at least not as clearly as this.

    So, good post nonetheless, thanks.

  4. Yes, I also searched the FAQs in vain for how to do this. I'm glad somebody found my explaination useful. Now, I'm going to delete that draft :-)

  5. I put a photo in the sidebar of but how do I get it to align correctly with the borders?


  6. keyboardcombatant

    umm. umight wanna check out my blog ive got 2 dozen photos in my sidebar all using text widgets. the best ting ro do is upload to a free images host like imageshack. they even give you the code. all u have to do is compy &paste into a text widget. much simpler than what u did above and dosent occupy percious wordpress server space which can be used for something else.

  7. Yes, but could you get the top photo on your site to be exactly in the middle of the box?


  8. lcs2dk, try adding in align="center" to the image tag.

  9. Did that, it didn't work.


  10. You can also try the following:

    <center><img src="" alt="Dendrobater azureus" /></center>

    edit: Actually I just read your CSS file for that theme. Says to use 'class="centered"' so you may want to try this instead:

    <div class="centered"><img src="" alt="Dendrobater azureus" /></div>

    I do note that some of the sidebar padding is offcenter (ie rightside is 8pixels while the left is only 4pixels) so you might be stuck with it like that but I would try the suggestions above.

    Good luck,

  11. Tried both. The first made no difference, the second made the picture move further to the right.

    The problems seems to be the padding.

  12. Try adding in 4 pixels of white space to the right side of the picture. :)

  13. i tried all, but didn't work at all

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