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    I am new here, and have a question,

    Please look at these 4 sites in order, it will make my question very easy to answer:


    Page 1 is a blog with the same wordpress theme as mine (modularity lite), with large full pictures.

    Page 2 and 3 are pictures that i have posted on my tumblr page.

    Page 4 is a post on my wordpress blog that FOR SOME REASON is limiting my pixel count or something on my posts, therefore cutting the images and not letting them glow in all their glory. It is doing this with all my posts.

    QUESTION: Why is this ? Do you know why they’re pushed hard to the left like this and have the image cut-off ?

    do i need to upgrade to enable CSS edited so that i can turn this off or something ?

    in my posts i have changed positioning of images and ALL that stuff.. but always the same style of post, pushed hard to the left.

    thank you for your help.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. For that particular theme, under Appearance > Theme Options, you can enable or disable the sidebar. Details here:


    Modularity Lite, when used with no sidebar, has a post/page maximum image width of 950px. When a sidebar is present, the maximum image width is 600px.

    The first site has the sidebar disabled. You do not. Go to appearance > theme options and disable the sidebar and you will have 950px of width to work with.

    Your images are 1024px wide, wider than the available space. As they say in the west, you are trying to put ten pounds of stuff in a 5 pound bag. If you are going to use modularity lite, you have to downsize your images to 950px in width. If your images where hosted at (media library) then wordpress could automatically downsize the images for display in the posts/pages and then you could set them so that when clicked, the full-sized image would open

    Or, take a look at this post by Panos and find a theme that has a wider content area. Andrea works nice for photos and has a 1024px image width.



    Thank you ‘airodyssey’ for your help. you were clear and precise. I LIKE IT!

    ‘thesacredpath’ Thank you for your input also, and the heads up on re-sizing. I LIKE IT!

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