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Post appears in child category but not in parent(s) categories

  1. Hello everyone.

    I have a big problem with my blog -

    Part of my category hierarchy is as below:

    Parent > News > Europe > France
    Parent > News > Europe > France > Lille

    And I have this post:

    Which I published under a 4th level:
    Parent > News > Europe > France

    I see the post in both the child and parent categories:

    This is OK.

    But I have different behaviour for:

    Which I published under a 5th level:
    Parent > News > Europe > France > Lille

    I see it here:

    But not here: (there are only the two items I posted under Parent > News > Europe > France)


    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there - I see the posts in category Lille (Hello and Lille weather) in all of these category archives:

    Are you still having this problem, or did you figure it out yourself?

  3. Hi Eurello.

    Thank you for the reply - yes, it's fixed, but I had to manually add the Lille post to France and then remove it for the problem to be solved.

    Luckily, I then added "hello" and right now a new post in Lille and it seems they are appearing correctly.

    Still, would appreciate it if you could kindly check deeper to confirm it will not happen again.

    Thank you.

  4. Hi there - It's difficult to say why that happened, because I can't currently reproduce it. If it happens again, please leave everything as is and let me know, and I'll take a look.

  5. Hello eurello.

    Thank you very much for the update.

    I managed to re-replicate the problem by:

    1. Deleting all categories

    2. Recreated the category structure, exactly as I did the first time.

    3. Wrote a post under "France":

    And I see it correctly in all categories it falls under:

    4. But then I wrote a post under "Lille":

    Which I see here:

    But unfortunately not here:

    Another major problem is that if in the admin area I go Posts > Lille Post > Edit, the category Lille is not correctly placed in the hierarchy, it seems it is considered as a top level category.

    But if I go in the Categories screen, on the right, I can clearly see it is correctly placed in the tree.

    I'm lost :(

    Thank you.

  6. Hi there - Thanks very much for the detailed report! I was able to reproduce this. It seems that after you get below a second-level child (so starting with France in your hierarchy), a post with that category only appears in its specific category, not in any of the ones above it. Until you add a child to that category - then it does, and on down the line.

    So for example, when you added Lille as a child of France, it made France appear in the above categories, but then Lille only appears in Lille. If you add another one below Lille (say 'downtown Lille'), then Lille will appear in all of them, but Downtown Lille will only appear in downtown Lille.

    I've opened up a bug report for this. In the meantime, the easiest workaround is just to select all the parent categories you want a given post to appear in. The way the category ranks in the Edit Post module is unrelated -- that's a known issue, but it's a display issue only.

  7. Hi Eurello.

    Thank you for very much for the quick update.

    I proceeded with the below steps, as per your reply:

    1. Created a new category, "Downtown Lille" as a child of "Lille"

    Without me doing anything, yesterday's Lille post is now indeed showing on all pages:

    2. I added a post in "Downtown Lille".

    Which I can see here:

    But as you explained, not here:

    All seems clear at this stage, only that my problem is that I'm looking to self-host my blog one day and making changes so that a particular author can only save posts in the Lille category, no permissions whatsoever for the other categories.

    Would you please have an estimation of how long it could take to fix the bug? I intend to self-host in June.

    Thank you.

  8. Hi there - I don't have any estimate as to how long it would take for this to be fixed; however, it's not a problem on self-hosted installations of WordPress. I tested it there and it seems to be specific to

  9. Oh, in that case it shouldn't really affect me.

    Thank you eurello, you were very helpful. And happy holidays!

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