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    I started a new blog that I do not want associated with my primary blog. I set up a new email address and tried to invite myself as a user, but WordPress figured me out. How do I make the author of one blog different than my primary blog without setting up a whole new account? I don’t want to have to log in twice to check my blogs.

    The blog I need help with is



    At the email address we use to create a username account is our unique identifier and all blogs registered under that username will appear in the “My blogs” drop-down. As you dont’ want to create another username account with a different email address you can set a display name or “nickname”.


    I have this problem as well, though I’m not sure if your answer solves the problem. It seems if I change one name, the change appears on both blogs. Also, if you click on the author or admin name on each post, it leads to the other site.
    Yes, I also tried to invite myself as a user but no go.
    Should I delete the blog and start over with a new email address?



    @monetinmilford: DO NOT delete the blog, otherwise you’ll lose that address forever.

    You can transfer ownership of one blog to a second username you have created with a new email address:



    I’m sorry. I apologize for not being clear. If you want to completely disassociate the blogs you must do as airodyssey has stated ie. create an new username with a different email address and transfer the blog to the new username account.



    I have tried to create a new username and use a different email and it keeps saying the username is taken.



    Then choose another username. There’s nothing you can do if someone already got it.


    Thank you very much, I took my new email, and signed up for a new username. I was really happy to see that you can create a username without creating a whole new blog. Then I invited that fictitious member of WordPress to be an author on my blog. yay it worked. I really don’t understand why I can’t just write in whatever username I want for the author of my post, without going through all that. I am happy for now.


    @raincoaster – it’s the same as the blog name so I wasn’t sure if I couldn’t have it because it was being used for a blog (by me) or because someone else had it as a user name (but hadn’t used it for a blog which would be a bit strange).



    When we register a blog the matching user name is reserved and we have to contact Staff in order to get it. Please contact Staff





    You’re welcome and best wishes with getting this sorted so you can focus on blogging. :)

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