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    How do I change the post background color in CSS Customization for the Sundance theme?

    The blog I need help with is


    I would love to know how to do this also!


    @naturalle… this seems too simple… This gives a block of color behind each post in my test. I added in the padding because I thought it needed it. You can take that part out or play with the numbers. Of course you will want to choose your own color.

    .post {background:#CDE0A6; padding: 20px;}


    @falcon Works for yours too. Much less padding needed.


    Thank you!!!!!!


    hmmmm tried it and liked it until I saw that it also changes the posts in the footers. Do you know if I can make it so those posts don’t change colors?


    @falconsfables, I checked the blog linked to your username and I see that is currently using the Lifestyle theme and no footer widgets. It looks like you worked around the issue by changing themes or adding widgets to the sidebar instead of the footer. If you still need help, please reply back here, verify the link of the blog you are working on, and set the topic status to “not resolved.”


    Thank you! I decided to not use the footer widgets because I ddin’t like the color change.

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