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    I’ve just set up with wp and I’m trying to personalise the blog to my taste. I chose the chateau theme (incredibly unimpressed with the number of choices available!!) and have replaced the standard image with a title and tagline (not perfect but it’ll do for now). My problem is related to the fact I also added a background image – just a free repeating background image of some flowers; now however my posts appear transparent over the background image, rather than having their own nice white background.

    Is this just how Chateau works? If so I don’t see the point of allowing a background image if the text is going to be illegible because of it :/ If this is how Chateau works, is there any way to change the background of the post and menu/widget elements or do I have to revert to an entirely white background?

    Thanks for any help. Blog is at

    The blog I need help with is




    I’m afraid that’s how Chateau works. If you must to use the theme, I would suggest to use simpler background image. If you really must to use the theme and the background image, you can subscribe Custom Design upgrade and add the following code.
    #page-inner {
    background-color: #fff;

    This #fff will add a white background to the page container, if you change the hex value you can add any other color.


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