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Post blank only in Internet Explorer

  1. This is weird. My latest post shows OK in Firefox, but goes blank when viewed in IE. If you move your cursor over the post in IE, parts will reappear.

    The post is

    Has anyone seen this, any ideas?

    (Support is closed for the week-end, will send feedback as soon as they're back)

  2. Yes I can see it. As the key member of this forum said, clear your browser's cache to fix this problem.

  3. Tried that, didn't help. I take it you can see the post ok?

  4. Did some more snoopying: there is a Javascript error reported by IE: 'Unterminated string constant' at line 58, char 261.

    Looking into the page source, it's a javascript line, I guess theme or related (some reference to in the line).

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