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    I’m having a huge problem with my blog; my posts are coming empty. I’ve tried 3 times.
    Here’s what I do:
    1. New Post
    2. Write a post; publish it.
    3. When it says “Your Post has been Published”, the edit field now comes totally empty, and so does the post publicly. It shows no body text or pics, just the title, the tags and the categories.

    If I write a proper post, it shows nothing, but if I write just one word, for example, “Hi.”, it shows it.
    The text I have tried entering thrice:

    Which theme do you prefer: Inkhorn or Simplification?
    We’re aiming to make our Tumblr as User-Friendly as possible, and we need your opinion for that. Have a look at the pictures below. Picture 1 is Theme 1, Inkhorn. To experience an Inkhorn external demo, click here. We will, of course, add the header etc as shown below.

    Picture 1

    Picture 2 is Theme 2: Simplification. To experience Simplification applied on awesomelicious @tumblr, click here.

    Picture 2

    Which one is more comfy? Which one is easier to navigate around and to understand? Which one is prettier? Tell us below! Your feedback is what will help us improve. :)
    Thanks a lot,
    awesomelicious team

    What do I do? Why isn’t it working? PLEASE REPLY ASAP, I really need help, and this is important.


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there – That sounds really frustrating! Are you copying and pasting that text from some other application, like another web page or from Microsoft Word? Because if so, maybe there are some HTML tags that are stripping out the text somehow. You could try using the Paste as Plain Text button to strip out any HTML:

    If that’s not it, can you please try this again, and make a screenshot of the Text editor (not the visual editor) of the post just before you publish it?

    Then publish, and link me to the specific post where the text has disappeared, so I can take a look.

    Here are instructions for how to make the screenshot:

    You can upload it to your blog’s Media Library and I can look at it there.

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