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  1. I want my recent posts on my front page to only show a certain number of lines, then I would like readers to have to click to view the entire post. I have looked through every setting and cannot find if and where I can change this. Can anyone help?

  2. Hi Sharky30:

    There's an easy command to make this possible, called More. You can read all about how it works and how to use it here.



  3. @sharky30:
    You can also make use of excerpts. When creating a post, type in a few lines (a teaser, perhaps?) into the excerpt field.

    Then in wp-admin, goto: Settings -> Reading Settings and change "For each article in a feed, show" to "Summary"

    Now all your posts show excerpts instead of the full text. :-)


  4. @sterex:

    a) Only a few themes support excerpts on the blog front - see here:

    b) That option in Settings>Reading has nothing to do with the actual blog page.

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