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  1. Hi
    Is it possible yet to post to a blog by sending to an email address?
    Thanks :-)

  2. Hi,
    Welcome to wordpress. Is it possible for you to use the forum search box? It's a treasure trove full of answers to questions exactly like this one which comes up frequenty. (The answer is 'no' not yet.)
    Because you're new you're going to need to read the pink stickys at the head of the forum and the FAQs blog before you post again
    Happy blogging. :)

  3. cooperc - not yet. It is planned.

  4. Thanks, appreciate your patience for a newbie :-)

  5. Please use
    Performancing extension for firefox

    or the WordPress Gadget

    Windows Live Writer and Writely also work. You can post photos from flickr directly. :) Happy blogging!

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