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    I’m testing how post by email works. I have been writing a new post using my iPad. Several times I have already emailed the post as a draft and it has successfully arrived in my posts. But now (as the post has grown in size) attempts to post by email are failing. Emails just disappear; there is no acknowledgement and no post.

    I have subsequently tried emailing very short draft posts like:

    [title Test Post]
    [status draft]
    This is dummy text.

    These DO arrive correctly.

    The Drafts app reports the draft post as 763 words and 4446 chars.

    I can see nothing in the help page that suggests what might be wrong.

    Any guidance on what to look for?



    The blog I need help with is


    After much tedious testing, I tracked the offending snippet down to this. Even this will not post by email. The draft has similar Markdown links.

    No idea what’s going on.

    [title IOS Automation: A Beginner's Story]
    [category blogging, work smarter, iPad]
    [status draft]
    [tags iOS, automation, url schemes, x-callback-url, drafts, markdown]
    [Actions on Agile Tortoise](—a whole bunch of actions for different apps

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