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    I would like to be able to update the news page by email. Unfortunately posts by email go to an /author archive page. I cannot redirect the news button to this address. I cannot access the author page for editing within wordpress.

    So, what I’d like to know is can my emails (post updates) be directed to my news page. Thank you.
    Blog url:



    Currently your ‘News’ tab doesn’t lead to a URL. Please check the Custom Menus page to adjust the ‘new’ tab url. I assume you want to link this to: ?

    If so, let me know and I can change it for you. Looking forward to your reply.


    Hi. That’s actually ok- the News button has two sub buttons. One of them (this site) goes to

    What I’d like to be able to do is post by email to page rather than the author page. Is this possible?

    Thank you.



    Pages are a form of content, like posts, and cannot contain posts.

    Instead, I recommend posting to a News category.

    Or, you could set News as the page which contains all of your blog’s posts (it will lose its current content) via Settings -> Reading in your blog’s Dashboard.


    Yes, tried the second option. Have backed up the html script. The problem is now I can’t seem to edit the page posts are going to. Is there a way I can undo this and try the first option?



    There is no page to edit when it set it like that. It’s a virtual page that just serves as a place to display your blog posts.

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