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    I am using the Post by Email system through outlook; and I seem not be able to align my text or images to the centre.
    I tried several ways:
    *using the align centre button in outlook
    *writing down some html code, such as <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hello There</p>. All the html code is stripped off once the post published.
    *sending the email with html formatting, rich text formatting and plain text formatting.

    None of these methods is working but I can make some text bold or italic with no problem….!

    Could anyone tell me how to align to the centre some text and more particularly images ?

    Cheers !



    You have no control over what goes out in the email updates and it doesn’t depend on what is in your post. The formatting for the emails is controlled by AutoMATTic.



    Thanks for your answer !

    So it means that if I want to go on using the post by email feature, I should stop to try to align my text and images to the centre, because there is absolutely no way to do it ?

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