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Post by email delay not working

  1. As per instructions I tried to delay posting, but it is not working. In my last attempt I used these settings in the email to post:

    [category eat]
    [tags my goodness, eat, drink, live, Wendy's, Lobster, Caviar, burger, Lobster and Caviar burger]
    [delay +4 hours]

    What am I doing wrong? Do I need to change a dashboard setting in the blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,

    Did your post go through and it just wasn't delayed, or did it not post at all? Could you give me the title of the post as well?


  3. All the posts by email publish ok, but the only setting that does not work is [delay]

    I just published an example post

    This is what I emailed:

    [category live]
    [tags my goodness, eat, drink, live, travel, beach, holiday, christmas]
    [delay +4 hours]

    You can see the category and tags show, but it was not delayed 4 hours, it published immediately

  4. Hi there,

    I just tested this on my blog and it correctly scheduled the posts instead of instantly publishing them. So the first thing I'd suggest you do is make sure your time zone is correctly set (Dashboard > Settings > General). If that looks right to you, we'll keep digging!

    I'll ask around on my end at the same time.


  5. I went into settings where time zone was set to my city name, I changed it to UTC +1030 but this didn't fix

    I just posted a test and it posted immediately

  6. Ok, so I haven't dug anything fresh up yet, but I got a strange result myself when I pluralized "hours" in the shortcode. Will you try one more test for [delay +4 hour] instead of "hours" and see if it publishes immediately?

    Thank you!

  7. no, didn't work

    I used

    [category live]
    [tags my goodness, eat, drink, live, travel, beach, holiday, christmas]
    [delay +4 hour]

  8. Hi David,

    I'm sorry this is still happening. One more question: what email client are you using? I've asked our internal team what might be happening here, and that information may be helpful to them.


  9. And one more "one last" question :)

    Your time zone is set to UTC +10:30 - are you currently in that time zone when you send the posts by email? If you're not, that will affect when they schedule.

  10. Re client, I use both gmail and outlook exchange for posting. I also just tried it on my android ph in case desktop the problem, but same problem again.

    Yes I have tried various timezones through settings - do I need to wait a while for the settings to kick in?

    Meanwhile I have found a workaround by using delayed email in Outlook, which requires a few more clicks, but does the job

  11. You shouldn't have to wait for the time zone settings to kick in.

    I spoke to a member on our internal team, and he said that the way the delay was working (after we experimented) was not functioning correctly, so he was going to make some edits. The delay should work for whatever time zone your blog is set for. So even if you're in UTC+0, if you email your blog and say +2 hours delay, it should translate into UTC+10:30 +2 hours delay (which it wasn't currently doing).

    Could you try a new delayed post today?


  12. Hi, I've tried with diff posts via outlook and gmail, neither work. This sucks, that Microsoft trumps WordPress, who woulda thought

  13. I'm very sorry this is still happening to you!

    We are looking into it, and I'll let you know when we have a better answer for you.

  14. Hi - just to let you know that this should be fixed now. Please let us know if you're still having any problems with delayed post-by-email posts.

  15. not working, just tried it for

    with these settings

    [category eat]
    [tags my goodness, eat, drink, live, pigs ears]
    [delay +1 hour]

    also, the post by email has stopped showing the image in the post on the home page of the blog, but it shows in the post itself

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