post by email does not work

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    When I read, taht POST BY EMAIL is now supported, it was the initial hit to give blogging a try.
    I am a newbee and wp now really makes sence for my needs!

    BUT it does not work with my blog.

    I have given it not just one try and still did not manage to add one small post to my blog via email.
    I followed the manual on the support page, copied the “secret email” into my adress book and send a post from thunderbird, but nothing happend.
    I searched everywhere for some hints for possible reasons, but it seams, that i am the only one having that problem.
    Can anybody help?
    thanx m.n.

    The blog I need help with is



    I suggest contacting Support for this matter because they have access to the back end components the forums is staffed by volunteers and they don’t have that kind of access.



    thanx for the quick reply, i#ll try this



    You’re welcome!

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