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    I have a problem, when i do a post by email from hotmail or gmail to wordpress it works fine.

    When i do a post by email from my php script it doesn’t. Is there some kind of spam filter on the email side?

    I have send from php script to hotmail and gmail and it works and looks like plain text.

    Is there a way to check if mail is rejected by the domain? does it block domains? help me please…

    The blog I need help with is



    Perhaps I’m not understanding correctly; not sure what you mean by sending by php script.

    Here’s the Support Doc for Posting by Email

    (And perhaps you are talking about a different blog, because the one linked to your username doesn’t have any posts?)



    Can your PHP script send email to other addresses?

    There are filters. I don’t know if they’re the cause or not. Also, I don’t know what you’re trying to achieve, but please be aware that the terms of service prohibits automated blogs.



    hmm it’s blogging from my website that i want to add to wordpress also. I post video and then i send comments and stuff about it to wordpress. so it’s semi-auto blogging i think.

    But from my website i can send it to my hotmail and gmail account but if i send the same mail to it doesn’t post anything on my blog.

    Because i can send the mail from web-site to hotmail and gmail i don;t think it’s a problem on my site.



    There is a high chance that these are being stopped automatically as part of our effort to prohibit automatic posting. Please contact support with all the details:



    well i found the solution.

    i used noreply@domain to send the mail. changed the noreply to info now and it works.

    So the filter of wordpress filters noreply… hopes it helps someone

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