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    Dear fellow bloggers,

    I have an issue with the Post by email feature.
    It doesn’t work when I send emails to it.

    I read everything on the Post By Email support page ( ), but I couldn’t find a solution. I write my emails in rich text format, still they are rejected and won’t publish them. Now my question is, why are some of the messages getting rejected from your end?

    If needed, I can paste the source code of the emails I am sending. I guess something must be wrong with that.

    Greetings and thanks in advance,

    The blog I need help with is



    If you’re using Hotmail or any other Microsoft email they’ve decided to disconnect with In that case, contact your email provider and complain. They need to fix this.


    Sending mail from Hotmail to shouldn’t be affected by any of the recent hotmail-related issues on the systems side.

    Possible reasons why post by email messages might not be getting through include:
    * the message is spam
    * the message is being sent by an automated program or a script (this is not allowed)

    What type of content is contained in the email you are trying to post? Did you send the email from an automated program or using a script?



    If you want to post with a script, use our XML-RPC APIs.



    Thanks for the useful replies!

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