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    I have recently enabled post by email option, wonderful service its very easy , but i have some questions
    i have sent some content which i wanted in pages, but i don’t know how to select page or post, i have read about short codes how to use short codes should i need to apply these codes at the end of the content moreover if i need to apply short link to the post can i give short link after the content being published.

    The blog I need help with is



    I don’t have any experience with posting by email and can only refer you to support documentation. Hopefully another Volunteer or Staff can help you with issues you don’t find covered in the entry here. >



    Hi, Timethief, thanks for showing response, yes i have checked this page and many others also i Google on it as well, i try to Google how to embed any thing in email. but i was not succeeding but now when i just try the short code AS IT IS, i have solved almost 90% matter, which i want to share with you and others as well so that if any one want to benefit he/she can.

    once you enabled the post by email service you can easily post. just finish your email and for selecting category , tag, or any thing else just use these brackets

    [catagory short naname of your catagory]

    for example if i want to post ” is it a crush , and i want to post it in catagory”ABOUT ME”, I will simply write

    [catagory about]

    no special codding

    its good to use post by email service i am exploring more and more by trying and error method.

    still 10% is left

    1- can we send content in our web pages directly through “post by email” So far i am not succeeding
    2- IF I WANT TO USE ” short link” service after post has been published can i do.


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