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Post by email text and pdf

  1. When I post by email a message that contains text in the message and an attachment (e.g. pdf) it only posts the subject and links to any attachments. It screens out the text. If I remove attachments in the message before posting by email, then the text appears just fine. Is this just the way the Posting by Email works, or is it a theme function? I'm using Twenty Ten.

  2. Hi. I see the topic hasn't been responded by one of the volunteers. So I took the liberty of tagging this so that staff takes a look and can confirm your theory.

  3. Posting by email is sometimes problematic. It depends on the format of the email, the application that sends it, etc.

    For anything complex with attachments, I usually recommend just posting as a normal post.

    Is there any particular reason for why you need to do this via email?

  4. We want multiple users (32 users) to post announcements to the blog via email without them having direct access to the account.

    I have tried some different mail formats and a couple of different email programs but the results were always the same.

  5. You could try inviting them as Contributors. They would basically only have access to post, and even then their posts would need to be approved by you. Or, let them be Authors to bypass the approval part.

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