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  1. I'm looking to use the Post by Voice option with the students who use my blog; is there a way I can set the options up in such a way that any voice posts can automatically be in draft mode so they are not posted without my review? I want this setting to be the default for all Post by Voice posts. Any ideas? WordPress peeps, can you make this happen?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I believe the "Admin review" is related to the user roles that you choose to give the users of your blog. Please see >

    If you wish to contact Staff directly please use this link >

    Reference link >

  3. Actually, the easiest way is to register another blog, don't publicize it at all, and call THAT one. Then, when the post publishes (with no tags, and a number title instead of real words) go to Edit, set it as a Draft, and copy the URL of the mp3. Then put that in a real post. This has the advantage of letting you think on it for a few minutes, giving you more to say.

    I wish they would AUTOMATICALLY go to Draft. That'd be much easier.

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