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    I would like to have the comments always show completely rather than a link to comments. If I use a static page I can achieve this. However I don’t think the pages show in searches.

    Is there a setting for always having the comments show or is there a theme that caters to this? I have spent a lot of time searching before posting this.


    The blog I need help with is



    oops typo, should say “pages DON’T show in searches”



    Hi. Comments DO show entirely as long as you display the individual post or page. Example:

    They do not display on the front page (other than through a link) in order to not clutter it with comments from all your recent posts.

    And yes, pages show up in searches. Example:



    The primary annoyances blog readers experience is slow page loading time and long front pages that compel repeated scrolling. Slow page loading time is also a ranking factor. There are other annoyances but those two frequently provoke a ‘click out never to return again’ response. Consequently, we aim to have fewer posts on our front pages by setting a lower number here > Settings > Reading and in some cases we may also choose to split content in our front page posts by using “the more tag” which results in only a portion of the post on the front page a a link to click to read the full post on it’s own page. .

    Can you imagine how long a front page would be if it displayed 7 complete posts and all the comments on those posts?



    Thank you both very much!


    There is one theme here that will allow you to set it for showing comments on the main page, P2. It is meant as a collaborative theme for groups, but you can take a look at it if you want.

    The issue with having to scroll a lot can be gotten around by setting the theme with the comment toggle so that people have to click on the comment toggle link to get the comments to show on the main page.

    The theme is kind of odd in many ways and some things in it do not work as one would expect them to.



    Here’s the link to P2: The New Prologue
    You can click this link and leave a comment so you can see the theme in action here >

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