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    I was working on a post a few moments ago. It was a post that I have been working on little by little throughout the day and have saved drafts of it several times throughout the day. I added four or five new paragraphs and hit save draft again, intending to work on it tomorrow morning when I woke up. However when the page reloaded, my entire post was blank. All the paragraphs that I had been typing throughout the day were missing.

    Normally I would just go to post revisions at this point. I’ve never had to use it all that much, but I am aware of how it is used. The last time I remember using it was back in December of last year, so things with WordPress may have changed since then. Anyway, when I went to look for post revisions at the bottom of the page where I remember them being, it was not there.

    Are you required to enable post revisions now? If so, how do I do so?

    I have reviewed many of the other support topics regarding content going missing prior to posting this message, and everyone seems to just link to the Post Revision support page. Please do not link me to this as I have already been there and it only explains how to use Post Revisions, not how to find them if they are not at the bottom of the page.

    The blog I need help with is



    There have been several reports of very lengthy, frequently revised posts going entirely missing lately. I’m afraid if the post was never published you may be out of luck. If it was, you might be able to search for it by title on Google and rebuild it.

    What browser and version were you using? There are a lot of problems with IE right now.



    Normally I use the latest version of Google Chrome, but I was doing the post on my husband’s computer and he’s using a version of Opera. I’m not exactly sure the exact version.



    You can find out the version of your browser by using this link >
    You ca contact Staff by using this link >


    I’ve had the same problem today. I also use Opera.



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