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    Hello guys, need some help here.
    I tried to publish a post last night, it was a post including 432 words, 5 photos and one external link, just like any other posts of mine.
    The first time the words showed but no photos, and some words lost color.
    So I edited it, but since then, every time I published it, it went blank.
    The only things reserved were title, category and tags.

    I’ve tried two computers(different internet system) but both failed.
    But I succeeded to publish a post with only three or four lines.
    I really don’t know what the problem is and what can I do now?

    The blog I need help with is



    Sometimes problems with can be solved by clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, so first log out of, clear the browser cache and cookies, shut down the browser and then reopen. Finally, log in again. Also it’s worthwhile trying in a different browser as well.

    As far as recovering your lost post, check out the Revisions module to see if you can find it there.



    The problem is a glitch with drafts that WP has been ignoring for months. In general avoid using drafts: when you start a new post, write a couple of lines, set the visibility to private, publish the post, continue editing and updating, turn to public when finished.



    Clearing cache and cookies didn’t help. Changing browser worked but didn’t go smoothly either. Still, thank you!

    I will try this next time. Thank you!



    You’re welcome.
    But did you try the Revisions module, as Jennifer suggested? If you’re not seeing the revisions module while on the post editor screen, click Screen Options (top right) to activate it.



    Cause I’ve already copied my post on Word, so I didn’t consider it necessary to check the Revisions module. But maybe I’ll use it next time; it seems convenient.
    Thank you!

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