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Post count set to 5, but showing all posts at once

  1. weeknightwandering

    Hi my blog is and for some reason, all of a sudden, my posts aren't showing 5 at a time with the "older" link at the bottom. Could you help me figure out why this would be happening. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Staff added infinite scrolling to Twenty Eeleven and Twenty Ten ... See here >
    In order to gain control over how many posts appear on your front page you have to install at least one footer widget. Then you get the option to disable infinite scolling.

    Infinite Scroll is now an option when footer widgets are present. You can find the option under Settings → Reading when two conditions are met:
    1. You are using a theme that supports infinite scroll
    2. You have added footer widgets

  3. weeknightwandering

    This did the trick thank you so much!

    Additional 2 questions -

    1. What is the showcase bar?
    2. Does twenty eleven offer the option to have two sidebars with the content in the center? If it doesn't, could you suggest a them for this? I have purchased the custom design package - would I be able to fix it with that instead?

    Thank you, thank you!

  4. 1. See here:

    2. CSS editing allows you to change the appearance of a theme (fonts, sizes, colors, widths etc), not its structure or the way it works.
    For themes with two sidebars see here:

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