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Post dates are messed up

  1. Hi
    I just switched to the Bouquet Theme. When I did so all the dates on my posts went really wonky. My last 7 posts show tomorrows date. And then the dates drop back to Oct. 10. Very strange. Can someone please help me?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Jan,
    I know this sounds odd but will you please go here > Settings > General and make sure your date and timezone settings are correct?
    Secondlym will you please let us know whether or not ANY of your posts are "sticky" posts?

  3. I checked and my date and timezone settings are correct. None of my posts are "sticky". Everything was fine until I switched themes.

  4. Gottcha and thanks for confirming. :) I flagged this thread for Staff attention. You will find it in the Themes Forum after it gets moved there. Themes Staff monitor those threads and will reply to you there. :)

  5. Thank you :)

  6. You're welcome. :)

  7. weddingdressblue

    I am auditioning Bouquet also and it looks very odd. Suggestions? Did I do something to make the header ugly (other than load my own picture) and the dates chopped off on the side? WeddingDressBlue

  8. Confirmed: when I switched by test blog to Bouquet, my November 4 post became Nov 11, all my October posts (various dates) became Oct 10, etc.

  9. ditto on the date problem on Gallery-A Demo Blog. All the post "dates" are the month (Nov=11, Aug=8, etc.)

    Also, it seems that when I switched to this theme, the post format of this post was changed from Gallery to Uncategorized and, odder still, no text shows up even though there is text there.

  10. Clarification: no text shows up on the front page of the blog. It does show up in the individual post.

  11. I am having the same problem with my blog after switching to Bouquet--all of the dates are 11-11-11. I hope this is correctable because I really like the theme!

  12. I am glad that it wasn't just me having the problem. I have been known to mess things up :) I hope it is going to be fixed as well. I love the theme.

  13. Thanks for all the details, we're aware of the problem—and working on a fix. I'll update this thread once it's fixed.

  14. Hi everyone: please reload Bouquet-themes sites. The month/day display is fixed now.

  15. Thanks Lance :) I didn't even have to reload. Just opened my blog and the dates were fixed. Great service!

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