post-dating posts – does this default to GMT?

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    I’m experimenting with posting in the future – hitting ‘publish’, but only after specifying a time and date I want something to post.
    I did an faq on this and came up with .
    Except, that’s not when it did post. Which is a bit of a puzzle. So I’m wondering, although my profile/timestamp/etc. are configured to say that I’m on Pacific Standard Time, perhaps a delayed post no matter what defaults to Greenwich Mean Time?
    Has anyone else encountered this?
    Puzzled Lisa


    how can we post ppf file at blog.



    Amit, not sure why you’re hyjacking this thread but only certain file types are allowed to be uploaded here and *.ppfs are not one of them. You might want to send in a feedback from your dashboard and suggest it if you want to along with an explaination of what a *.ppf files is. (It’s a playstation patch file in case anyone else doesn’t know.)

    Lisa, future posts are suppose to publish at the correct time for your profile and timestamp settings. Future posts are a current issue though with the software. I’ve moaned about it a couple of times myself.



    FYI all:

    Future Posts are posting iffily at the moment. Some of mine went through, but some of them haven’t. If I change the datestamp to now, they publish, but they should have published yesterday.

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