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    I have just written a post. I could see that the automatic draft saver was constantly saving. After I had tagged the post, I clicked publish, then clicked preview. After that, only the header and the tags showed and my post had been deleted and no draft of it can be found.

    The blog I need help with is


    maybe try viewing WordPress in a different browser. I have had posts not publish due to connection lag but i’m always able to find the draft of it later on.


    Tried but that didn’t work either. I looked for the draft again this morning but that isn’t there either?



    What is the title of the post? Did you create it from the “front page” of WordPress, the New Post button of the Admin bar, or on the Dashboard New Posts page? Because we are getting all kinds of reports like this related to the first two options.


    The title of the post is Seven Psychopaths (Spoilers). I created the post from the New Post on the admin bar. Is there a way to retrive my post?



    Hi there juggernautproductions,

    Unfortunately we’ve had a few users report this same problem (as raincoaster mentioned above); and I’m very sorry to say that these posts seem to be gone for good. I am so sorry.

    Can I ask you a few follow-up questions to help us pinpoint and eliminate the problem?

    About how long did you spend on the draft before you went to post?

    Did you navigate away from the screen at any point while you were writing?

    What browser and version were you using when you posted?

    About what time/day did this happen?

    Thank you so much for your feedback, and I do heartily apologize.

    It appears that unless you use the edit post page (Dashboard > Pages > New Page), the autosave is not always working correctly. I recommend going to the edit post page in order to ensure your work isn’t lost.



    I spent about a half hour, maybe 45 mins before I published the post.

    I did navigate from the window during writing, but only using different tabs and always keeping the WordPress one open.

    I was using Google Chrome.

    It was at about 12 midnight GMT



    Hi again,

    Thank you so much for this information. We really appreciate it.




    We believe we’ve traced down this bug and fixed it. If you do lose a post again, please let us know. We’re truly sorry for the inconvenience!

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