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Post didn't save correctly, can it be retrieved

  1. HELP!!!!

    I just spent two hours creating a post, autosave was working and I also manually clicked "save" button regularly (because I've lost posts with another service before!) However, when I went to preview the post (which I'd already previewed earlier and it was all there) only the first few paragraphs were there. I went to the "retrieve" section and apparently the it stopped actually saving the posts about an hour ago IN SPITE of the fact that I kept saving.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Use your backbutton on your browser if you have Firefox.

  3. Check your draft posts and see if it's there.

  4. The prime time to backup your posts is while you are writing them. The best method of doing so is to use an offline blog editor to compose your posts in and to publish the posts directly into your blog. windowslivewriter and BlogDesk are free offline blog editors. Ecto is modestly priced if you have a Mac.

    If you are not using an offline blog editor and instead you are composing your post on the wordpress editor (Tiny MCE) then you can take this precaution as you write:
    * Highlight all of the post (Control A on windows) and copy it to the clipboard (Control C) frequently. While everything was still highlighted, click “Publish”. Then even if you lose the post, you’ll still have it on the clipboard and it’s the work of a moment to do another.

  5. Thanks timethief. I don't have Firefox and did check draft posts. I have an offline editor in Windows 7 that I use but was working directly in WordPress this time because I'm using an older computer and that's what I've always worked in the past. Anyway, I thought auto save and then also manually saving should have been sufficient. Apparently not, so I'll incorporate your other suggestions for the future.

    Now I have to return to re-writing and re-editing my previously written and edited post. Grrrr.

  6. I've been where you are and it sucks. Maybe you should take a long walk outside before you tackle it again.

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