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Post Disappeared

  1. I was editing a long post. Had published it earlier; went back to correct some spacing in Code edit, then switched to Rich just to check it over--and when I went to Rich edit the whole post disappeared. Anything that I can do to retrieve it? Help.....

  2. I don't suppose you can see it in your browser history (it's a long shot)?

  3. Naw...

  4. I'm actually having the opposite problem. I can edit a post, but when I hit publish, it isn't showing up on my page. I can go back to manage and continue to edit, but any time I hit publish, it never shows up.

  5. Which browser and version of it are you using? Have your tried force clearing it?
    Windows ctrl F5
    Macs Cmd-Shift-R
    Linux F5

  6. IE 6 and yes, I've tried force clearing it.

  7. Although I could be wrong I think IE6 and wordpress may not be working well together for you. Do you have an alternate browser that you can use?

  8. I'm using IE6 with no real problems. If it is showing in Manage go in to Edit and double-check the timestamp. If it somehow got set for the future you can just change it and it will publish right away.

  9. I got mine back. Support helped, and I also dug most of my post back up from a Google cache. So all is well for me now.

  10. I'm so glad to hear that. Thumbs up for wordpress support.

  11. You're sure right about that!

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