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Post disappeared

  1. Yesterday (Sept. 7) I created a post titled "1962 Mets Redux." It has disappeared. The photos that were uploaded and placed in the post are still there, but the post itself is gone. Help!

  2. Have you looked under Manage to see if it accidentally got the datestamp/time changed? Or set to Draft?

    Did you actually see the post live yesterday?

  3. Yes - I've looked through Manage - and I did see it live.

  4. When you looked under Manage, did you see if it accidentally got the datestamp/time changed? Or set to Draft? Or does it simply not exist in there at all?

    When you say you saw it live, did you see it on the blog itself, or did you click View Post, which will show it to you even if it's a draft or posted to the past?

    Clear both your browser cache AND your cookies and do a forced reload. Maybe you're just looking at the wrong version of the page.

    Also: Please give us a link to the blog, plus the title of the post in question.

  5. It isn't set to draft. I don't see it in Manage at all, and in the recent blog activity, it doesn't show up either. I saw it on the blog itself... had logged off, logged back on later and saw it/edited it.

    post title: 1962 Mets redux


  6. Need to add: At the same time, the name of one of my categories (which should be "Unzipped Thoughts") has changed (without any intervention from me) to "Unziped Thoughts." This has happened before.

  7. It's gone...

    Google crawled it, but it's not in their cache.

    You'll need to get in touch with staff on Monday when they open.

  8. I saw the Google crawl - the text in the blurb is from that post, but I saw that the cached copy was wrong. Will check on Monday. Thanks.

  9. Actually it's cached now.

    That link may or may not work for you as the different Google datacenters are area specific.

    edit: Just saw that you state that the cache is incorrect. Sorry about that.

    reedit: OK, now I'm lost. You say that the blurb is correct but the cache isn't. Looks like they're the same to me. I see the "One of the seasons I chose was 1962." bit in both.

    rereedit: Bloglines doesn't have it either.

  10. Thanks for taking a look. I used similar wording at the start of the one that has disappeared, so I'm not really certain that Google caught it. I can redo it, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow when Support is available to see if they can figure it out. Together with the "magic" change in the name of one category, perhaps there's something else going on?

  11. Not a problem and I wish I could help.

    One suggestion that we make from time to time is to use a service like bloglines and subscribe to your own blog via rss. That way if somehting like this occurs again, you should have a copy with the service.

  12. Or use an offline blog editor. I'm a late convert, but they're very freeing, and having a backup at all times (including tags!) is a huge help.

  13. You're absolutely right. Great idea!

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