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    I just finished writing two posts earlier and published both (I know I confirmed the posting because it had me confirm that I wanted it back dated for the publish date)
    When I went on to my site it disappeared and it’s no where in my dashboard. My wordpress app was open on my phone, not sure if that messed with something.

    I would really like to get it back because I tried to rewrite and I simply can’t find the words I used.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi edrecoveringathlete,

    What are the names of the two post you are unable to find?

    If you let me know, I’ll see if I can find them.



    The post that’s missing is “My Own Two Feet”

    The other one I posted at the same time was saved properly.

    Thank You!!


    Hi edrecoveringathlete,

    I’ve looked for My Own Two Feet but I’m afraid I haven’t been able to find the post in your drafts or trash. I can see you deleted pages from your site but there are no deleted posts which suggests the post may never have saved properly in the first place.

    My wordpress app was open on my phone, not sure if that messed with something.

    It might be worth checking to see if there is a copy of the post on the app, can you see it there?


    There is nothing in the app.

    I wonder if the issue is a bug with back dating the publish time. It was definitely saved as a draft prior to me clicking publish and confirming the publish. Then it was immediately gone from all folders.


    Hi edrecoveringathlete,

    I’ll check to see if we have received reports of similar issues and will follow up with you here if I need more information.


    Hi edrecoveringathlete,

    I haven’t been able to find any reports, which version of the app are you using? If it happens again, you can let me know in this thread.


    This just happened to me, too! I wrote a long post on my phone using the app, and I published it, got a conformation, and now it’s totally gone! It’s not in my trash , drafts, or published posts. I can’t find it saved anywhere on the app. There must be some way to recover these posts!


    Hi rebeccalynnbrazil,

    Please use this link to start a new thread for your question and tag it with modlook — we can then take a look at your site.



    I didn’t post it on the app, it was all typed and posted online, I just happened to have the WordPress app open on my phone.


    Thanks for that extra information @edrecoveringathlete!

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