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Post disappeared

  1. Hi there,
    Been a while since I have used the wordpress dashboard and seem to be having issues:
    1) Can't figure out how to add categories and tags while writing new post in Andrea9
    2) Just wrote a post, published it, came to forums to find answers, went pack to dashboard to correct post, poof.... disappeared. Post is not there after "publishing" it and I am not sure what I did wrong.
    Did not change the date/time/ or post to future... just wrote the post called Henry's + Coupon and published it....can't see/find it now.

    Any help is appreciated... thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Um hi again... while I was waiting for a response, I went back to add a new Post strange thing is, the category/tags areas have both now appeared.
    Weirder though is I still cannot find the the post I just wrote... just wondering if there is some glich in the system or have the computer gremlins just eaten my post?
    Thanks again for any help

  3. All righty then, seems I now have been deactivated completely... not sure why this is happening to me or how to fix
    Sent request and waiting for support to get back to me
    Obviously I have done something I am not aware of....

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