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Post disappeared - again

  1. I have written to support but am posting here in case anyone else is having this problem. On Sunday, a post I had written and published simply disappeared. I rewrote it (Google had time to crawl it) and now this one has disappeared. The title of the second attempt was "Losing Less, the Met's Way." Along with another problem I've had with one of my category names, I'm wondering what is going on!!

    Anyone else having this kind of problem?


  2. I'm happy that you know only staff can help you or anyone else with this problem. Have you used the forum searchbox to search for others with the same problem? I did and these were the results

    Reference: 7 things to know before posting to the forum

  3. Thanks, yes, I did see those and have been in touch with support.

  4. Okay that's all we know at this point. Best wishes. :)

  5. elementaryteacher

    I am having the same problem on November 21, 2007, although I never had this problem before!

    Support is closed now, so I will try to contact them later.

  6. i have the same problem!

  7. same problem here

  8. well me too.
    2 deleted posts created this monday morning!

    THEN an old post *voluntarily* deleted yesterday (or was it today too) RE-appeared !
    then it re-disapeared
    then it re-appeared.

    I think WordPress are aware of the problem since the beginning, and they restored some wrong data.

  9. I suspect some updates are going on. Hopefully things will smooth out soon. Since we are just volunteers here in the forum, we aren't told anymore than any other user is told.

  10. Please note this sticky post at the head of the forum
    {waving to tsp}

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