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    Hi, I had to change a link in a post because a website had moved, and after I did so, I went to view my blog and found that the post title is showing up in the left-hand column, but the post itself is not. In addition, there is no sign of my links anywhere in the blog at I had tried moving the links widget to the left side, and moved it back to the right when it didn’t show up, but it’s still nowhere to be seen. This is a tiny blog of maybe five posts, how can a post and a links section just vanish? Any suggestions will be welcomed!

    The blog I need help with is


    It appears as if a read more link was somehow inserted right at the beginning of the body text for the post. Open the post in the editor, switch to the HTML view, and remove the code that looks something like this:



    You were right! I must have hit that button in error. Post now restored to proper spot. Only problem now is that I can’t find my links. Any ideas?


    Go back to appearance > widgets and add the “links” widget into whichever side(bottom) bar you want.


    That was interesting! I had dragged a links widget to the left side bar but it wasn’t working. So at the very bottom of the widgets page I found another links bar under the unused widgets header and dragged that one over as well. Now the links appear where they should. I wonder what the other links bar is and what it’s supposed to do! Anyway, now there are two links bars in the same place, and the second one did the trick. Ours not to reason why . . .

    Thank you, once again!


    Sometimes wordpress is a mystery and especially with Depo. Drag the widget that did not work out of the sidebar and back into the available widgets area. I’m pretty sure the other one will still work.

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