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Post disappeared when I clicked publish

  1. I just wrote a fairly long post and when I clicked publish, it lost all but the first sentence! I was watching and it was autosaving the whole time I was there anyway to restore this post? I'm sad! :(
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  2. Go back to the post editor for that post.
    (you can usually find your most recent post quickly in your dash)

    Sometimes when you go back the whole post will be there, but if not:

    put the editor in "text" mode. (the tab on the top right of the window)

    scroll down to a module named "revisions"
    (you may need to click on the bar to open the module)

    click on your latest "revision". if it is all there...
    you can copy paste it into the editor window.

  3. Thank you. It's still not working but I think that's because I messed around with the restore functions before I wrote this plea for help. Im Afraid it's long gone. But I appreciate your help!

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