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    My post has disappeared! It’s gone, and there is nothing left… except comments! But… the comments “moved themselves” to the new post which, hasn’t been posted yet!!!
    Is there like a trash place on the blog where I can look for my missing post?
    I have been blogging for just 4 months… Please help!

    The blog I need help with is


    Go to Posts > Posts in your dashboard. If there are any posts in the trash, then there will be a “trash” link above the list along with All, Published and Drafts.



    There is no “trash” link…



    And just after the post disappeard, if you linked to the post from other blogs, you could see “Error 404”. Does it mean anything?


    Is the name of the new post the same as the old post? At the moment I’m puzzled as to how this would happen. Comments are linked to a post ID, and all posts have a separate and unique ID.




    This happened recently to me too.

    One post with comments became merged with another post. When wordpress email me comment notification of old post, clicking the link sends me to the new post. And the URL redirects to the new post.

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