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    I wrote and published a post a day or two ago and I can only see it when I am not logged in. As soon as I log on, that post disappears! I can’t see it from the blog or from my dashboard. Since it doesn’t show up when I am logged on, I can’t edit it.

    Another couple of odd things about that post:
    – the last sentence is missing
    – it originally said the published date was Jan 1, 1970, now it is back to the correct date
    – when I log on, it says I have 68 posts (which includes this post). But when I go to manage posts or click on the “68 posts” link, it shows 67 posts with this post missing.

    I’ve had similar problems before with new links not showing up when I am logged on, but usually it resolves itself in a few hours/the next day or so.

    Can anyone help?



    Your computer is probably pulling from a cached view of the blog. Do the cookie dance to resolve this:

    log out, clear browser cache and cookies, restart. That should fix it. Report back if it does not, and please give the full link to the post in question, starting with http.


    I cleared the cache and cookies, restarted firefox, and it is still a problem. My husband has the same problem when he logges in on his machine – the post goes poof.

    However, we did just figure out that we could find it in the dashboard by searching the posts by July 08, or by using keywords. It just doesn’t show up if you list all the posts or on the blog itself if we are logged in. So it’s kind of fixed in the sense that we can now find it to edit it, but it still shouldn’t be disappearing from the blog when we are logged in or be “hidden” in the dashboard.

    This is the post in case anyone has any ideas:

    Thanks raincoaster!



    Does it by chance show under Manage when you’re logged in? If so, you should be able to edit it.

    Nonetheless, this is very strange. I see it just fine. I would almost get conspiratorial about the vanishing, except I have never (in two and a half years) known to do anything freaky like that.

    Contact staff via the Support link on your dashboard and ask then for ideas.


    Hey – I fixed it! Since I was able to find the post (albeit in a really circuitous manner), I went to edit it, hit save, and now it shows up. I guess it replaced the version of the post that got corrupted, however that happened.

    Thanks again for your help raincoaster. It’s still pretty weird but at least it’s fixed.

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