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    I’ve developed a blog for a local organization ( with readers who aren’t terribly web savvy . Several have complained that they don’t understand why posts (found by clicking on a category listed in a widget, e.g., end in the middle of a sentence, followed by “. . .”

    They don’t automatically try clicking the post title – they think the post is wrong/poorly edited etc.

    I’ve tried adding “more” but all that happens is that the “. . .” disappears. That baffles readers even more readers.

    Anyone know how to make “more” display after the “. . .” for posts found by clicking on a category?

    Thanks, Wynnne

    The blog I need help with is



    Change themes to a theme that displays the full post on a Category page. There aren’t very many, though.

    Or just tell your readers that they need to click on the title of a post they want to read more of.


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    You are using the Digg3 theme so you could write custom excerpts for the category and archive pages. On the post editor page you will see a module called excerpt. Write a summary of your articles in there as you like, even tell your readers to click on the post title.

    You can even have pictures in your excerpts if you paste their code into the excerpt box while you are in html mode.

    Or you could paste all the html code in your post into the excerpt box, in the html mode, and your whole article will appear in the category or archives pages.

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