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Post doesnt appear in its seperate page

  1. Hi, I just published a new post in my blog. It showed up on the homepage but when i click on it, its separate page doesnt show anything. It seems sth is wrong with its separate page.
    Can anyone help? Thanks.

  2. That's a backend issue. I suggest dropping a feedback from your dashboard telling staff that you're having an issue. Please include a pointer to this thread so they know we've discussed it.

    It's come up before with the cryliac (I can't spell today) characters and something has to be changed on their end.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Thanks for your reply, i just sent a feedback as you told me. I havent used cyrilic characters but only greek.

  4. Sorry. I used to speak Russian. I don't know why I got confused. Yesterday was rather long.

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